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Telco Cuba, Inc. is a holding company dedicated to amassing a portfolio of high value companies in the telecom space. Telco Cuba,Inc. currently has subsidiaries offering offering collocation, hosting, software development, and technology consulting services in the South Florida area.

Telco Cuba, Inc. is in the market for technology oriented acquisitions, that provide residual income in the technology services industry.

Business Units

Amgentech Inc. is a premier provider of colocation, hosting, software development, website development and VoIP services in the South Florida region.  The company was established in 2001 to provide infrastructure and information security services. Amgentech, Inc. has been instrumental in the launch of a plethora of products and services, including the site and product offerings of brandonlang.com, sportsadvisors.com, sportsline.com, starmedia.com, as well as off shore providers of sports related services.  Our 99.999% uptime SLA’s, bulk mail services and know how has enabled the company to keep customers long term. 

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Amgentech, Inc. Offers Web design services under the following service name

South Florida Interactive Logo

South Florida interactive provides compelling, eye catching website designs coupled with the latest software development techniques to ensure a responsive, highly available customer point of contact.

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 Naked Papers Brands, Inc. is a manufacturer, seller and marketer of clear rolling tobacco paper.  Naked Papers, was one of the original pioneers of clear rolling paper in the U.S.  Since the acquisition of the assets during the first quarter, 2018, a marketing plan, new website, new pricing levels and social media influencers have been engaged to reboot the brand.  We are actively looking for strategic alliances with other companies in the marijuana space that have complementary products.  In addition to our current lineup of 5 distinct sized papers, which include distinct niche sizes such as the Jumbo and King size, we are looking for other products that fit the “Naked Papers” appeal of premium and cutting edge.

Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc.

 Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. is an Internet, Cable Television, and Telephone Service provider, located in Ormond Beach, FL. The company services the areas of Port Orange, Daytona Shores, Daytona Beach, Holly Hills, Ormond Beach in Volusia County and the City of Flagler beach, in Flagler County.  Incorporated in 1985, the company has been providing service to residential, commercial, and academic clients for over 34 years. The company is going through a restructuring affecting its marketing and sales departments.  Forthcoming, the company will announce its new address, website, implement new internal procedures aimed towards streamlining and maximizing leads to sales cycles.  The company will be focusing its efforts into offering commercial services.

Open Letter from CEO

Open Letter to Shareholders from Chief Executive Officer (CEO), William J. Sanchez

Ormond Beach, FL / September 21, 2020 / Telco Cuba, Inc. (OTC PINK: QBAN)

Dear Shareholders,

While the last 6 months have been unprecedented in scope, Telco Cuba, Inc. has kept moving our agenda forward. Each business unit fared differently during the past 6 months, but we believe the future is brighter.

Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc.

Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. abided by the “Keep Americans Connected” initiative, spearheaded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). We were precluded from disconnecting non-paying customers, and saw self-customer attrition due to inability to pay. We have adjusted to the changes by expanding our service offerings to other cities in the State of Florida.

More information will be disseminated as we progress on that front.

The FCC has mandated a restructuring of C-Band frequencies in use by the industry. The restructuring, or “repack” is intended to free up a large portion of the C-Band spectrum for auctioning.

The repack has opened up several opportunities for Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc., most notably is the FCC’s offer of a lump sum figure to compensate registered earth station operators for the expense associated with the repack.

Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. operates 7 registered and licensed earth stations throughout our service footprint, each with a headend providing service to the adjacent areas. The lump sum payment due to Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc., based on the FCC cost catalog is approximately $1.35 Million Dollars.

Telco Cuba, Inc. is analyzing how best to proceed with this windfall, to further Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. objectives. The proceeds offer an opportunity for growth via Advanced’s current infrastructure, acquisitions and beyond.

Advanced Satellite Systems is continuing its infrastructure overhaul. The company has completed approximately 90% of a rewire in Ormond Beach, FL. Once complete, we will start to offer 4K and HD television services there.

Work has commenced in Edgewater, FL as well, rewiring with the same intention of offering next generation type services to customers in that city.

Naked Papers

The effect of the quarantine on consumers has been especially beneficial to the Naked Papers Brand unit. An increase in sales in the business unit is attributed to changing consumer habits; consumers are more hygiene conscious and Naked Papers brand paper is a personal use item.

Telco Cuba, Inc. is confident the increase in sales will further bolster the sale of the business unit as this product does not fit in our synergy or long term growth strategy.

Amgentech, Inc.

Amgentech, Inc. is expanding its service offering to include residential services, targeting Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. customers. We expect the new offerings to start in Mid-October, marketing services in the Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Edgewater, Ormond Beach, and Flagler Beach service areas.

Thank You,

William J Sanchez
President & CEO
Telco Cuba, Inc.

(305) 747 - 7647

Investor Relations

Mr. William J Sanchez has served as our President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board since June 15th, 2015. Mr. Sanchez has over 26 years' of experience providing services to fortune 50, 200 and smaller companies. Mr. Sanchez has held positions at CBS Sports, Tribune Interactive, Knight Ridder, DLJ Direct and has been instrumental in the creation of several nascent companies such as starmedia, Inc., SportsLine, USA, and Picknation, Inc., among many.

Mr. Frank Gerardi has led a distinguished career as a former NYSE Member, NASD Registered Principle, and President of a NYSE Member Firm, former Chairman and CEO of Teligent (TLGT / formerly IGI Labs, Inc.) and the former director and chair of the audit committee of Dyadic (DYAI). Mr. Gerardi has been the president of Univest Management since 1986, providing consulting services to public and private companies for over 30 years. Mr. Gerardi's background makes him uniquely qualified to provide the expertise and advice necessary for the company to complete its mission in becoming a successful holding company.

Dr. Carlos Sequera Yepez is a seasoned Venezuelan politician, businessman and international business expert with interests throughout South America. Dr. Sequera Yepez will be instrumental in identifying and aiding in the negotiation of acquisitions as the company embarks on creating a portfolio of companies that bring a high level of shareholder value.

Open Letter to Shareholders from Chief Executive Officer (CEO), William J. Sanchez

Ormond Beach, FL / March 22, 2019 / Telco Cuba, Inc. (OTC PINK: QBAN)

Dear Shareholders,

            The transition of Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. has been coming along strongly.  During the past 50 days, the company has reigned in expenses, renegotiated contracts, and reached every self-established milestone.   

During the next 90 days, Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. will start migrating towards the brand “Wireless Florida”, introducing it to its customers and to the market, as the value conscious alternative to big cable.  Our wireless enabled technologies enable the company to provide best in class service to residential and commercial customers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. will continue to provide installation and maintenance services to marquee customers, as in the past, such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Department of health in Volusia County, and the school board of Volusia and Flagler county to name a few. The company, Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. has a long and strong reputation in handling high end enterprise land satellite installations. The company seeks to continue and expand on that reputation.

Approximately 1000 square feet of office space has been leased at 454 South Yonge Street, Suite 7C, Ormond Beach, FL 32174.  The space includes a 500 square foot datacenter which is to become Florida Wireless’s nexus in offering new services within its market. 

Telco Cuba, Inc., Amgentech, Inc. and Naked Papers Brand, Inc. will reside at the aforementioned address as well.

Amgentech, Inc. will start offering services in Volusia county starting at some point in May.  Amgentech’s initial focus will be Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. customer base, which provides a new market for Amgentech to grow in the Volusia and Flagler County areas.

Telco Cuba, Inc. has decided to divest/sell Naked Papers Brand, Inc., to focus its efforts on growing both Amgentech, Inc. and Advanced Satellite Systems, Inc. 

Telco Cuba is committed and is working diligently with our service providers to file our financials and become current at OTC Markets.

Telco Cuba, Inc. would like to thank its shareholders for their patience while we continue to strive to achieve our goals.

Thank You,

William J Sanchez
President & CEO
Telco Cuba, Inc.

(305) 747 - 7647

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